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flr is making 2 day low, its setting for a quick trade
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Since September 2015 when we had that sharp, scary market decline, I have thought a great deal about how to use momentum to generate and preserve wealth. I have read papers and books by Gary… (Show more)
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Here IMO is a easy way to chart the market and individual stocks.
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Does anybody think the deal between Rite Aid and Walgreens is going to happen in the next month or so. If not rumors of Amazon buying to get there hands wet with pharmacy and thoughts?
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I have been with Schwab for almost a year. I am very happy with the company and enjoying the experience (I like to swing trade). That said, I was a Scottrade customer for 8 years and their online… (Show more)
Message been appearing for a while now that due to Apple seizing to support JAVA, StreetSmart will not function with Safari. Would there be a way to keep the current functionality working maybe by… (Show more)
Access to may be impacted by recent and upcoming browser updates that do not support Java. users should review and consider alternative access solutions to avoid… (Show more)
Hello everyone, I'm completely new in the world of stocks and was wanting some advise on Whole Food stocks. Is it a smart move to invest in them?
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