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        catsaunders Member

        the customer service at schwab is super to say the least compared to TRP and Vang, and tech support will call you back right away, I have had issues with TRP for days without even a call

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          SchwabModerator-AC Moderator



          Welcome to the Community! We certainly welcome your continued feedback, good or bad, as this give us the opportunity to listen and continually understand the needs of our clients. Admittedly I'm not an expert in portfolio allocation, but I'll be happy to do a little research into the portfolio x-ray you've mentioned to see if I can offer any additional guidance with regards to similar products and services at Schwab.

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            SoftwareGuru Elite Contributor

            Being that many people nowadays are tied in with their cellphones, I would like to see the capability added to SSEdge watchlist that would allow me to export the watchlist data for important dates to a .CSV or .ICAL file that then could be imported to a google calendar. As the ex-dividend, pay date, and stock split dates are currently available, it would be beneficial to have this info displayed on a calendar as a reminder or event. I think I would prefer a reminder vs event.


            The data that can be imported into a google calendar requires specific headings(.csv) or format(.ical).


            I am thinking about a separate calendar that I can import this info into, and then have it displayed across multiple platforms (web, cellphone). I can edit the current info, but it is still time consuming. Even with the export capability, I see myself importing new data at least once a month.


            If earnings announcement date is ever added, that could be added to the list.


            I normally check Barron's each weekend for this info.


            PS I am changing my mind about preferring a reminder vs an event because a reminder will roll over to the next day, if not marked DONE. This would be confusing.

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              PRStout Elite Contributor

              Not sure what is going on with the mouseover the news icon, but the image below appears to show the same headline many, many times.


              GE mouseover issue.jpg

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