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      any suggestion about CPE stock for long term ?? pls advice

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          panther Elite Contributor

          I would not be a buyer of this stock for several reasons, the most important being that I do not believe the price of oil has reached bottom just yet.  In addition, I do not see this price going anywhere very fast unless one of the big boys wanted to buy them out.  There is no dividend to pay you while you wait for something to happen.  The good news on this company is that their assets seem to be in the Permian Basin of West Texas,. one of the more productive areas in the country, and that they have a low debt ratio, which means they might be able to withstand a greater downturn in oil prices.


          What attracts you to this stock, and why do you think it is a long term possibility?  What is your profit goal and your time frame to reach that goal?? When you buy something, you must keep both of these questions in mind.  Remember that I might be wrong about the price of oil falling further...