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    buying one share of Amazon

    burntlizard Member

      I recently made an excruciatingly difficult decision to buy one share of Amazon in the mid to upper $900 range.  My logic was that the strength of the company paired with monumental momentum, innovation,  potential longer term gains (based on analyst reviews), dreams of a stock split (in the next few years) and not wanting to miss out.  Plus, I'm a customer of this company and figured, why not own some of it.  Has anyone else contemplated this?

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          panther Elite Contributor

          My reaction to your post is to get out while you still can keep from losing money.  I think you might have a better buying opportunity in the fall (August/end of September) if you are still hell bent on owning a share.  Even Jeff Bezos is selling right now.

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            Lyn Elite Contributor

            I bought 25 AMZN about 6 weeks ago.  This is very unusual for me, as I always buy in multiples of 100.  But then, I seldom buy $900+ stocks


            In that time, the value of my little "investment" has gone up about $1,000 (approx. $40 per share).  I will hold.


            Guess I'm just inherently an optimist.  As much as I disapprove of Bezos' business practices, it has worked for him ... and I too am a customer.